Successful Organizations Use Retained Executive Search


successful organizations use retained executive search
CAI Headquarters

We represent employer clients only and function as management consultants.

We work at higher organizational levels with salary ranges above $100K.

Through a series of directed discovery sessions, we develop a thorough understanding of the client organization and the position responsibilities and requirements before we begin the search.

While we are supportive of our clients’ advertising efforts, our focus is on the recruitment and evaluation of a broad targeted range of potential candidates who specifically are NOT in the active job market. This retained search process produces successful results.

We are there for you every step of the way. As a firm known nationally for being high touch (not only to our clients but to candidates, as well) we are present to direct, support and assist our clients during each phase of the search.

We provide clients with a choice of two to five highly qualified candidates.

We know you are busy. Our firm operates in such a way as to require minimal time investment from our clients (Human Resources, General Management and Search Committees).

We offer professional and ethical commitments as a provision of our client relationships.

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