Talent Development team

What Talent Development team does for your organization’s success

The TALENT DEVELOPMENT team’s approach is to accelerate performance for exceptional results, by increasing individual performance and group performance excellence through assessment based solutions. We are strong proponents of leveraging objective data identified through valid assessments, and begin our client engagements with “the facts.”

Our Approach

We contend that executive coaching without the benefit of initial assessment reduces the ability to measure performance acceleration and goal achievement.

The extensive resources we leverage for our clients include a wide variety of proven, business-relevant assessments such as:

  • Organization 360s
  • Job Benchmarking (for creating new jobs, revising current jobs, designing succession plans)
  • Leadership Talent inventories
  • Job and Talent Matching
  • Team Performance Evaluations
  • Communication Styles


Do you have a current evaluation of the Strengths, Weaknesses and Opportunities of your organization’s Talent Management Strategy? Use our TALENT DEVELOPMENT index™ to discover the facts and achieve your goals. Read More

Professional Development Accelerators

Internal professional development is critical if current and prospective leadership challenges are to be dealt with effectively. Professional Development Accelerators™ include initiatives designed to optimize leadership performance and develop superior talent throughout your organization. Read More

Assessment Based Coaching

What is your development plan for preparing your top talent for further responsibilities – including succession? Work with us to define a coaching plan for your “stars” with action steps that achieve measurable results.

MORE solutions for you…

  • WORKSHOPS and PRESENTATIONS – The majority of successful organizations today are vitally interested in increasing talent management skills. Contact the Talent Development team for a list of WORKSHOPS and PRESENTATIONS highlighting TALENT MANAGEMENT PRIORITIES for your organization and/or association.
  • ASSESSMENTS – Talent management necessarily includes talent assessments. The TALENT DEVELOPMENT team provides you with access to a variety of talent assessments, customized to your organization’s needs. Contact us for a list of choices, including:
    • Hiring assessments
    • Team assessments
    • Communication assessments
    • Motivators assessments
    • Leadership assessments
    • Coaching assessments
    • …and many more