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Organization 360 surveys have provided valuable feedback to organizations for years. The TALENT DEVELOPMENT index™ is an organization 360 survey with a difference. It is ALL about how your employees perceive and value your TALENT MANAGEMENT performance in these crucial areas:

  • Talent Selection
  • Performance Management
  • Development and Retention
  • Team Effectiveness
  • Leadership Effectiveness
  • Organizational Effectiveness
  • Organizational Ethics

Open-ended questions at the end of the survey invite your employees to provide additional anonymous feedback. This assures that your organization’s leadership receives a complete understanding of how your employees view their jobs and their future with you.


Your organization’s leaders hold the keys to identifying and developing top talent. They must also continually update their own skills to maximize their effectiveness while moving up in the organization. Talent Development team has a selection of resources to assess your LEADERSHIP TALENT index™, including:

  • 360 Leadership Surveys
  • Leadership Job Benchmarking tools
  • Assessment-Based Executive Coaching
  • Succession Strategy Planning
  • Executive Talent Recruiting

Talented employees working well with other talented employees is what fuels creativity and capability within your organization. Teams who have internal issues can bring productivity to a halt. Talent Development team helps teams identify their unique TEAM EFFECTIVENESS index™ and achieve their highest potential through leveraging these solutions:

  • Team 360 Surveys
  • Team Priorities Workshop
  • Team Communication and Motivators Workshop

Executive coaching is a crucial follow-on service Talent Development team offers to participants after they complete the LEADERSHIP TALENT index™ and/or the TEAM EFFECTIVENESS index™. Objective, goal oriented coaching plans are customized, based on assessment data points and 360 survey results. The Talent Development team executive coach establishes a coaching schedule with the participant to achieve talent acceleration goals. Typical goals involve a number of essential talent categories, such as:

  • Self Management
  • Personal Accountability
  • Results Orientation
  • Relating to Others
  • Self Confidence
  • Leading Others

The majority of successful organizations today are vitally interested in increasing talent management skills. Contact the Talent Development team for a list of WORKSHOPS and PRESENTATIONS highlighting TALENT MANAGEMENT PRIORITIES for your organization and/or association.


Talent management necessarily includes talent assessments. The TALENT DEVELOPMENT team provides you with access to a variety of talent assessments, customized to your organization’s needs. Contact us for a list of choices, including:

  • Hiring assessments
  • Team assessments
  • Communication assessments
  • Motivators assessments
  • Leadership assessments
  • Coaching assessments
  • …and many more

Finding top talent to work for your company presents an ongoing challenge. We can help. Contact the TALENT DEVELOPMENT team when you need recruitment expertise. We know how.


Even the finest automobiles need an occasional tune-up. It’s not that they’re running badly — in fact they may be running quite well. The critical question is whether or not they will continue to perform at a high level in the future. Without periodic road tests and diagnostic evaluations that analyze the current performance level of the vehicle — and appropriate servicing — there is no assurance that high performance levels will continue.
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