TALENT DEVELOPMENT team™ methodology builds a solid foundation upon which leadership and team effectiveness is enhanced. Our fact-finding identifies areas of high performance as well as developmental needs that can be addressed in order to accelerate leadership talent.


• Develop concise job summaries for each leadership team member’s position.
• Identify and prioritize key performance factors for each position — measurable outcomes the position must achieve for superior results.
• Benchmark positions by pinpointing the Competencies, Workplace Motivators and Behavioral Traits essential for optimal results.
• Deliver personal talent assessments for each leadership team member.


• Establish a collaborative environment with each leadership team member through confidential coaching sessions that focus only on the person being coached.
• Objectively examine how each team member’s talents compare to the job benchmark.
• Identify areas of strength on which to focus and identify talent gaps that may decrease effectiveness in the position.
• Collaboratively set performance goals to surpass current performance levels.
• Establish action plans with specific timelines for addressing both strength and improvement areas.
• Work with the team member’s leader to assure mutually relevant goals and action plans.


The implementation phase focuses on the establishment of specific action plans for each leadership team member. Plans are unique to each team member and contain detailed measurable objectives with clear timelines. Outcomes are regularly measured to assess progress. TDt coaches schedule follow-up meetings with team members to maintain focus.