TALENT DEVELOPMENT team™ strongly supports successful onboarding. The onboarding process used to be known simply as “new employee orientation”. The TDt™ version is much more comprehensive and proactive. We ensure that new talent become acquainted with their surroundings and work groups as quickly as possible, minimizing time required to transition smoothly. When made uniquely personal, onboarding fuels enthusiasm, increases job knowledge and facilitates welcoming interactions to accelerate successful onboarding.


• Assist the new employee in developing an understanding of values, mission, vision, culture and organizational structure.
• Review job summary for the new employee’s position.
• Identify & prioritize key accountabilities for each position – concise statements defining specific, measurable outcomes the position must achieve.
• Benchmark the new employee’s position by pinpointing the competencies, workplace motivators and behavioral traits essential for optimal results.
• Deliver personal talent assessments for the new employee.


• Establish a collaborative, positive environment with the new employee.
• Objectively examine how the personal talent of the employee compares to the job benchmark.
• Assess and identify employee strengths and gaps as they relate to the new position.
• Clarify expectations, priorities and performance evaluation areas.
• Define action plans with timelines to prioritize areas of concentration.


The implementation phase focuses on the new employee and the specific position they assume. Additionally, it supports rapid assimilation into the new culture. The process builds optimism and will reduce uncertainty and anxiety. Support structures will be identified and new working relationships established. The new employee will feel welcomed and valued. Through the coaching process the employee will understand expectations and how to achieve near term goals and objectives while being encouraged to enthusiastically participate in the organization.