TALENT DEVELOPMENT team™ offers a comprehensive program enabling organizations to identify succession candidates and develop talented leaders. Our program can be customized to meet your organizational requirements.


• Partner with the organization to identify high potential candidates.
• Administer talent assessments to selected candidates based on a unique 37-factor analysis revealing the how, why and what of individual performance.
• Conduct individual 360 surveys to gather responses from a combination of peers, superiors, and subordinates.
• Develop a personalized talent development action plan for each participant with measurable objectives based on the above data.


• Deliver the program components and resource materials.
• Assign a talent development coach to each participant to:
o Debrief the results of the fact finding assessments and surveys.
o Identify individual areas of strength and development opportunities.
o Develop a personalized talent development action plan.
o Engage in an individual coaching program based upon the action plan.
• Provide periodic program summaries to organization leaders.
• Administer a follow-up 360 survey and a participant assessment to measure results of each individual’s talent development action plan implementation.


The implementation phase leverages comprehensive fact-finding processes, producing measurable results to strengthen top talent, promote retention and assure leadership continuity for your organization’s ongoing success.