TALENT DEVELOPMENT team™ methodology includes a proprietary tool — the TALENT DEVELOPMENT index™ — with which organizations can measure the effectiveness of the organization’s talent management practices. TDi™ operates as an organizational 360. Talent in the context of the TALENT DEVELOPMENT index™ is defined as an organization’s human capital. Talent is the sum total of the expertise at work in an organization — it is an organization’s “bench strength” and effective talent management will enable an organization to manage for superior performance, improved productivity and increased profitability.


• Identify respondent groups, e.g. leadership team, managers, associates or administration, sales, operations.
• Administer an anonymous internet based survey consisting of 76 statements and 4 open ended questions.
• Collect responses in 8 categories:

Talent Selection, Performance Management, Career Development and Retention, Team Effectiveness, Management Effectiveness, Leadership Effectiveness, Organizational Effectiveness, and Organizational Ethics.
• Measure responses on a scale ranging from Strongly Agree to Strongly Disagree.


• Accumulate survey responses by Overall Organization, Survey Categories and Respondent Groups.
• Calculate and provide a percentage score by Respondent Group, Category and the organization’s overall Talent Development index.
• Present findings in the following format: Summary Report, Favorable/Unfavorable Report, Frequency Distribution Report, Comments Report.
• Identify areas of strength and areas that need to be addressed.
• Develop an organizational action plan with specific timelines for capitalizing on areas of strength and addressing areas needing improvement.
• Prepare an Action Plan Summary and communicate to all respondents.


The implementation phase focuses on carrying out the steps outlined in the organizational action plan. These steps are unique to the Category or Respondent Groups and contain detailed measurable objectives with definite timelines. Outcomes are measured on both an informal basis and by re-administering the Talent Development index™ within 12 months of the initial survey to measure progress.