TALENT DEVELOPMENT team™ recognizes that team performance is critical to organizational success. Gauging and appreciating each team member’s unique contribution encourages top team performance. Knowledge of each team member’s characteristics, coupled with a systematic evaluation of team dynamics, enables organizations to accelerate team performance.


• Gather team leaders’ perceptions of team strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.
• Identify and prioritize key performance factors for each team member’s position — concise statements defining specific, measurable outcomes the position must achieve.
• Benchmark each position to determine the Competencies, Workplace Motivators, and Behavioral Traits essential for optimal results.
• Analyze each team members’ characteristics in the same three measured categories.
• Conduct a 360 Team Survey — anonymously gather input regarding Team Leadership, Work Processes, Relationships, and Work Management.


• Review results of position benchmarks, 360 Survey and team members’ assessments with each participant.
• Conduct team coaching sessions focusing on Competencies, Workplace Motivators, and Behavioral Traits and 360 Team Survey results.
• Develop a team action plan designed to reinforce performance in areas of strength and enhance performance where development opportunities exist.
• Conduct individual coaching sessions and develop action plans to enhance individual and team performance.
• Schedule additional individual coaching sessions within 90 days to track activity regarding commitments.
• Administer a follow-up 360 Team Survey within 6 months to gauge effectiveness of team action plan implementation.


The implementation phase focuses on both individual and team performance. The process details strengths and weaknesses, and identifies potential areas of conflict. By recognizing, understanding and appreciating individual and team factors, developing and reinforcing individual and team action plans, teams can achieve optimal performance.