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Firm Background

Founded in 1992, CIZEK ASSOCIATES, INC. (CAI) is a national retained executive search and assessment firm.

Partnering quality people with quality organizations…

We have successfully completed over a thousand senior level executive search assignments. Our clients range in size from several million dollars in revenue to multi-billion-dollar conglomerates. From small community locations to big cities, coast to coast, CIZEK ASSOCIATES is dedicated to partnering talented, effective senior executives with quality client organizations.

We are the better choice…

We are fortunate to work with a broad cross section of client organizations. As generalists, we have access to the largest possible universe of candidates, which means the widest choice of candidates for your organization.

One benefit of retaining a generalist firm is that we don’t face “company blockage” – the inability to recruit certain qualified individuals due to client relationships that saturate specific industries and functional areas. This is often the case when dealing with specialized search firms.

Our years in the executive search business have allowed us to build an established network of key contacts across the country. We are just a phone call away from major players appropriate to your search.

Another networking and resource tool we utilize in our search for your perfect candidate is our Candidate Activity Index™ – a continuously updated comprehensive database of executives we track with exemplary credentials and successful business backgrounds.

Dedicated to achieving results…

Our success stems from more than just experience. It comes from building strong, lasting relationships with each of our clients. In fact, the bulk of our workload is repeat business, for two very simple reasons:


We take the time to get to know our clients, their organizations and unique cultures, so we’re better equipped to produce successful candidates who can quickly adapt and begin making a positive contribution to your organization.

When you work with CIZEK ASSOCIATES the professional you meet with will be one of our key executive team members. This senior consultant is the same person you’ll work with from start to finish.

No matter how large or small your organization, and no matter how straightforward or complex the position you need to fill, you can always expect the highest level of personal, professional service from CIZEK ASSOCIATES.

That’s our promise.